Graphic Design for Non-designers

The ultimate primer for the design rookie

Whilst art director at Brighton based co-edition publisher RotoVision, I was asked to art direct, design and author this title, which was also published by Chronicle Books in the US. The first half of the book explains the basic principles of graphic design, including the effective use of space, colour and type. The second half comprises 20 step-by-step projects which illustrate how to create an advertisement, a logo, a letterhead and business card, a menu, a newsletter, gift wrap and an invitation, a poster, CD and DVD packaging, a basic website and blog, and a t-shirt.
I worked with co-author Jane Waterhouse on the creation of the material for the projects. The illustrations for the openers and for the cover details were created by Rick Landers, and the cover design is by Emily Portnoi.
… and here’s the blurb from the back cover of the book.
At some point in your life, you will produce a piece of graphic design. Whether that be a birthday card, a poster, or an ad for your office notice board, do yourself proud—make it great! Armed with this book, packed with everyday design projects and simple workthroughs, you can give your design the professional touch.
Graphic Design for-nondesigners explains the basic principles of graphic design, including the effective use of space, colour, and type. It distills the hard-won knowledge of professional designers into simple dos and don’ts, and illustrates tips and hints through clear comparative examples. Not forgetting the bewildering choice and costs of equipment, it outlines the best and most cost-effective materials, and offers recommendations for hardware and software options.

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