Design, layout and map illustration
Here's the cover blurb:
Adventures abound with this inspiring guide to the world’s greatest hiking routes. Fifty epic walks are profiled in detail, ranging from easy 2-hour trails to iconic mountain climbs. Breathtaking scenery is assured, whether you want to marvel at New Zealand’s lakes and waterfalls. experience the mythical beauty of the Scottish Highlands, or step back in time as you cross the Grand Canyon. Safari on foot through the African bush, discover the legends of ancient Greece, or take in panoramic views of peaks and glaciers – this book shows you the best routes the world has to offer.
Beautifully illustrated with stunning colour photographs, each entry begins with an overview of the walk and its attractions. The trail is then described in detail, with its must-see elements highlighted on a clear route map. To tempt you further, a selection of similar walks is also featured so you can plan your next adventures.

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